Who is Cougar?
Deborah Jones Director

Deborah Jones

Managing Director

Why “Cougar Cosmetics?” Well, in actual fact, Cougar is me!  Deborah Jones!  Cougar is the name I was given by my cheeky husband. It made sense to call my company Cougar Cosmetics and yes, I am a few years older!


Born on the Gold Coast, I am a trained beauty therapist and makeup artist.  A mature woman myself, I was constantly disappointed with the results of products I was using.  I was tired of the old cliches that mature women had to stop wearing bold lipstick, powder, eye makeup etc!  Yes, we are ageing, but really!!!  It's all about texture, colour, luminosity and performance.  Top this off with the know-how and "voila" you can still enjoy wearing makeup, feeling confident and looking gorgeous!


Personally experiencing skin changes, facial structure changes (gravity plays its part here)  hormonal sweating, lipstick bleeding into fine lines, eyeshadow accentuating crepey lids, and products being too shiny or too matte, made it obvious what had to be addressed.


My vision for Cougar Cosmetics was to produce a brand that would achieve desired results for maturing women with ever-changing needs and provide education to enlighten, inspire and recreate confidence for women to feel younger and more beautiful. If you feel beautiful you “radiate confidence”.  A confident woman is awe-inspiring.  I truly believe that “beauty is timeless and age is no barrier”!


Four years ago, I began my search for cosmetic formulators who could work with me to create a brand that would bring something new to the market.


I am absolutely thrilled to be able to present the Cougar Cosmetics range to you. “Cougar” is wholly Australian owned.  The products have been formulated with specific requirements, taking into account texture, colour, finishes and performance. Although the products can be worn by other generations, the products are designed to address specific troublesome areas in mature women.  


Cougar Cosmetics is not simply a brand, I am committed to educating women on the use of cosmetics to give women all the confidence they need to show and feel their beauty and radiate their confidence. The techniques that we all used when we were younger, don't do us justice anymore, but armed with fresh knowledge, your “beauty is timeless and age is no barrier”.


Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require assistance with any of the products or their use or if you have a general question about makeup or how to apply it appropriately or correctly.   I am available for private consultations free of charge through Skype at Cougar Cosmetics and please avail yourself of our free tutorial videos, blogs and newsletters. 


Our range will continue to expand and we welcome your return to discover the exciting new additions.

For Ladies in the Brisbane area, I am now thrilled to announce a fully equipped Makeup Studio and Beauty Salon.  Bookings are essential.  Please phone 0413120036.  The Salon is located in Dutton Park just outside the city centre of Brisbane.