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A Makeup Secret For You

I am going to share with you a simple explanation about light and shade, that if you use this advice you will be empowered to totally nail your makeup each time you apply it. One of the most important points to remember when applying your makeup is: Light – Emphasises (brings forward) Dark – Recedes (sends back) So now you know this simple, valuable piece of information what does it all mean? If for instance you have puffy bags under your eyes, the last thing you would want to do is put a light coloured concealer on the baggy area under your eyes. Putting the practical information I have given you to use, the light concealer will only serve to make the area look worse by emphasising it. Instead, you want to conceal the dark shadowed area under the bags with a light concealer. By using the lighter colour you are bringing the darker area forward and making the baggy area look less puffy. You must only apply to the dark area. Do not apply up onto the baggy area. Another example: I have quite a large scar on my forehead (which I acquired just recently trying to step over a cat and instead fell face first and cracked my forehead open). To reduce the look of the scar, I apply a lighter concealer in the actual gap of the scar. Again, using the theory of light emphasising and bringing the area forward, the scar is reduced to almost nothing and yet without the concealer it is very obvious. You can do this very subtly in the marionette lines from your nose to your mouth, or the creases in your forehead. Subtlety is the key!!! Also, only use in the crease do not apply outside the crease or you will emphasise the wrong area. When it comes to applying eye makeup, the same theory applies. If you have a very large space between brow and lid, you can reduce the area by only applying the lighter highlighter just under the brow but using a darker colour over your natural socket crease up to the highlighter and this will recede the area. If your brow protrudes, do not use a light coloured highlighter, go for a more subtle shade in a mid-tone bone. This will recede the area instead of highlighting it and bringing it forward. Small eyes will benefit from using a light coloured eyeshadow on the lid and a white pencil in the waterline of the eye (inside the lower lash line of the eye) or flesh tone on much darker skin tones. Do not use black khol in the waterline. You are only going to make the eye close up and look smaller. Use a dusting of shadow under the lashes to make the eye appear bigger and definitely use mascara on your bottom lashes. When defining under the eye with eye shadow, do not take the shadow from outer edge to inner edge. Only apply 2/3rds of the way and blend. Definitely curl the lashes. This opens the eye even more. If your chin is too long, use a slightly darker powder or foundation or bronzer on just the area you wish to shorten. Same for your forehead. If your forehead is too long use the bronzer around your hairline. Remember blending is the key! You do not want to be showing demarcation lines in your makeup. If your face is too wide, same theory applies. You can straighten your nose by highlighting a straight line down the centre and darkening on either side of the highlight to make it appear straight. You can shorten your nose by just subtly (see that word again) darkening the tip by a shade. I think you get my drift. I have said it before, and I will say it again, “Smoke and Mirrors, smoke and mirrors, my friend!”

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