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Enhance Your Deep Set Eyes!

Use this technique when correcting a deep-set eye. Take a good look at your eyes and decide what it is you want to play up or down with eyeshadow colours. ****Remember “Light emphasises and brings forward and dark recedes and sends back”.**** Looking at the leading photo as an example, note the overhang of the brow and the deep receding pocket above the inner edge of the pupil. Highlight the inner corner and inner third of the eye. Use the highlighter tucked up tight under the brow itself (See photo A). Do not highlight the fleshy part of the brow as this will only make it more prominent. (see Photo “B”).

Use light to mid-tone colours to emphasis the moveable lid and the crease to bring it forward. Take this colour up onto the brow bone under the highlighter. Using a mid-tone on the brow bone will recede the area slightly. If you are using a light tone on the lid use a mid-tone up over the brow bone up to the highlighted area. Blend! The crease area is already dark and deep so do not use dark colours in the crease or this will only serve to make the area recede even further. We will reshape the eye with a darker shade shortly. Dark colours on the lid will make the eye recede further and make the brow bone appear to project forward. (See photo B) Don’t forget to give attention to the under eye. Apply the mid-tone lightly and tightly to the bottom lash line. You may use a darker eyeshadow along the lid at the outer half of the lash line and draw slightly upward at the very outer edge of the lid and if you wish you can take this darker shade above the crease onto the brow bone. Blend!!!!! (Note this in “Photo A”). This is going to give an upward lift to the eye and recede the brow bone. This darker shade can be applied under the bottom lashes. At the very most only apply half way along the lash line. (Looking at “Photo A” notice how the dark eyeshadow has been used to reshape the outer edge of the eye, giving the impression of a new crease, more in line with the deeper socketed part of the eye. This stops the eye from looking like it is slanting downwards. Be mindful as to whether you have enough space between crease and eyebrow in order to use this darker shade. In Photo A this woman has a large enough area to incorporate a darker shade. If the brows are low and heavy over the eye, stick to the mid-tones and forget the darker shades or only apply the darker shade on the outer lash line. Apply an eyeliner snug to the top lashes with an upward lift at the outer edge for uplift of the eye before mascara. Photo A shows liner all around the eye. Some ladies can wear this but personally I would only line the upper lid fully and underneath only line the eye half way and blend off with a cotton bud.

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