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10 Makeup Brushes You Can't Live Without!

Foundation Brush

Simple to use! Apply a small amount of foundation directly onto the brush or alternatively place a few drops of foundation directly to forehead, cheeks and chin and apply the brush in sweeping and swirling movements. The bristles are shaped to get up high under the eyes and around the nose and mouth and into fine lines. Never apply powder until you have smoothed out any lines in foundation. Otherwise you will set your makeup with lines in it. Once you use a foundation brush, you will never go back to using your fingers. A handy brush for blending off harsh edges of blush, ensuring blush placement is correct and making sure eyeshadow is not outside the eye area. Simply use the brush in an upward direction from the outer corner of the eye to outer corner of the eyebrow to keep eyeshadow pigment moving in an upward motion. This is anti-ageing. Eyeshadow that is placed outside this area

will give a downward appearance to the eye and add

years to your appearance.

Large Powder Brush

When using this brush fill the hair with powder by shaking a small amount of powder into the powder lid and swirl the powder well up into the brush. Press the powder onto the face before swirling the brush over the foundation to dust off any excess. This will set the foundation. Setting your foundation will make it longer lasting and give a perfect base for powder blush.

Tapered Powder Blush Brush

The tapered powder blush brush is designed for more precise placement of blush. Keep the blush high on the cheek bones and start at the highest point blending down to the apples of the cheek before blending in an upwards swirling motion. Remove any blush that has been placed too far down the cheek with the foundation brush and dust again with the powder brush. Blush that is too far down the cheeks will drag your features down. Blush should be creating upward movement to the face for anti-ageing benefits.

Crème Blush Brush

Using a crème blush brush makes using a crème blush a total breeze. The brush has a small head that gives perfect blush placement and the synthetic fibres spread the blush with ease as if it were powder. Crème blush can even be placed over powder using the crème blush brush without the cream grabbing in places and becoming uneven.