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Why are my eyelashes so short and stumpy these days?

Unfortunately hormones can play a large part in the loss of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. Having just gone through all this myself, I know the anguish that I experienced watching my hair come out in handfuls, the size of small kittens, my brows recede and thin and my lashes get shorter and fewer. Oh the joys of hormones!!!!

Other things to consider and options to help minimise the effects on your eyelashes include:

Always remove your eye makeup before going to bed.

Sleeping with mascara on your lashes may cause them to become brittle, break and crumble off at the ends. Not to mention you may rub the product in your eyes during the night and cause an eye infection. Pure organic unrefined coconut oil is a good option for removing eye makeup (mascara and eye shadow). Remove with a damp warm cotton pad or washer. This leaves just enough oil on the lashes to help condition them and help prevent breakages. This conditioning of the lashes also makes the curling of lashes easier as the hair is not so brittle and will hold the curl better. By curling the lashes they also appear longer, open up the eyes and help frame the eyes.

Here's a tip: Cougar Cosmetics Twenty/Twenty Mascara, simply removes with warm water.

Avoid rubbing at your eyes.

Excessive rubbing can cause lashes to fall and the ends to break off, particularly if you are wearing mascara at the time.

Don’t pull or tug at lashes to remove mascara.

You will end up pulling out the lashes and breaking the tips. Use gentle motions. “Thalgo” Gentle Makeup Remover, Eyes and Lips is a fabulous product for removing mascara and eye makeup. As the name suggests, it is also great for removing lipstick. I love this product. I’ve used many brands of remover and I have to say, this is by far the best I’ve found and my favourite for many years now.

There is a fair amount of talk amongst the beauty bloggers that castor oil helps promote lash growth.

Honestly, I’ve never tried it but it really doesn’t appeal to me. I’m sure that those who were given castor oil as children may find this quite off-putting as well. Fortunately you don’t have to drink it, just apply at night after cleansing your lashes. If there is anyone who is willing to do the experiment, I would love to hear their results. I also found a recipe using castor oil, vitamin E and coconut oil which was more appealing I have to say:

  • 3 tbsp Castor Oil

  • 2 tbsp Vitamin E Oil

  • 2 tbsp Coconut Oil (melted)

It is suggested to apply with an old clean mascara wand and remove in the morning before reapplying makeup. I may just have to brave up and give this a try in the name of "beauty".

Another old popular home remedy to promote growth is Vaseline on the lashes overnight.

Personally I just found that it made my eyes puffy. It certainly did condition the lashes but I also didn’t like the feel of it seeping into my eyes. My mum always had great success with this. I personally prefer the coconut oil, as it doesn't cause that filmy sensation in my eyes and I don't wake with puffy eyelids.

Then there is diet.

For those of you who like to take a supplement, your doctor or health professional may recommend a vitamin or mineral supplement known for strengthening and promoting hair health. It must be a popular request these days as I've noticed that there are many preparations available by all the popular brands. Sometimes the pressures of daily life, lack of sleep, poor diet and increased stress levels can deplete important nutrients. In this instance a supplement may be warranted. The added benefit is your hair, skin and nails will thank you at the same time.

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