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Is it time to change up your nail shape!

Have you been thinking you would like to do something a bit different with your nails? How about changing the shape! I’ll take a risk here and say “not sure why anyone would want edge, lipstick, flare or arrow head”. But, hey, each to their own. I wore my nails in an almond shape for as long as I could remember. Now that I finally took the step to change the shape to ballerina or ballet point as I call them, I can't imagine ever going back. Maybe next time you visit your nail salon, surprise yourself and try something different. Amongst the most popular at the moment are the Stiletto and these can look very charming.

Are you finding your nails tend to just break these days and wearing a nail colour is impossible as your nails are never the same length? Yes, well I have been there and done that myself. I think there comes a time when you need to decide if having nice nails is important to you. I love having my nails all the one length, always polished and always receiving compliments on my hands. Are they natural you ask? My goodness no. That just doesn't work. I have acrylic nails and although I am fortunate enough to be able to do my own (thanks to training in nails) I wouldn't have it any other way.

There are so many different options available these days. Gel nails, acrylic nails, gel polish, dip nails, dip gel nails, polygel. If you are going to ask the question do they ruin your nails, well ... the part of the nail that is showing is definitely never going to be the same, but ... nails grow and the new growth should not be affected. But if you look at it like I do, I don't intend to be taking these nails off. I love having perfect nails 365 days a year. Obviously there is a cost involved as all nails require maintenance and refills.

If you are like me, I can't see the difference between spending money on my hair or spending money on my nails. Both have the same level of importance. I didn't always do my own. Before I set up my salon, I use to indulge in the luxury of having mine done for me. However, once I set up the salon and I had all the supplies I needed right in front of me and of course the training from yesteryear, I really enjoyed getting back into doing my nails.

I would like to caution you about the use of gel polish on a continuous basis. Because you do have to remove the entire polish before redoing a new coat of colour, the nails can become much weaker. Although the gel polish does make the nail feel stronger, continued use will eventually make the nails weaker. Soaking in acetone and scraping and rebuffing is part of the removal process. Never, attempt to pick the polish off the nail as micro layers of the nail will come off with the polish. At some point, do let your nails have a break and treat them to some loving care. One of my favourite products for this is Healthy Hoof. Available on the internet. It will come up in a "Google" search.

Acrylic nails are a different scenario again, whereby the existing acrylic is rebalanced and the new regrowth is lightly buffed and prepared for more acrylic. There is no intention to remove all the acrylic down to the natural nail to refill. There will be no obvious weakness. If you were to remove the entire acrylic, I would recommend cutting the nails down to the finger tip and once again using a product like Healthy Hoof to pamper the nails. With correct application of acrylic and regular refills, there should not be any reason to remove the acrylic entirely unless you wish to have them removed.

One of the most popular products to hit the nail scene is the dip nails. There are two types of dip nails. One is done on a gel base, pigmented acrylic powder added and set under an LED light. The beauty of this system is that it can be rebalanced and filled like an acrylic nail and does not have to be soaked off everytime as in the case of the gel polish. It is also strong enough to add tips and length to the nail, whereby gel polish cannot have tips added. The second dip system is painted on like a polish and pigmented powder is added to the polish, it is air dried which hardens to give strength to the nail. This system can also have tips added and be refilled.

Polygel is a hybrid gel in a tube and is a cross between an acrylic and a gel. It is beautiful to work with and soft to file. It is not as hard as an acrylic. Gives a beautiful finish. The gel is used straight from the tube and a fluid is used to move the gel around and stop it from sticking to the brush. It is set under LED light.

I keep referencing LED as opposed to UV as I do not use UV light. There have been reports concerning the use of UV light and it would possibly be best to avoid its use.

Always be aware of the hygiene practices being displayed at a nail salon. If you are concerned that there is no hygiene practices in place, avoid it like the plague. If a nail tech comes at you with a tool to flick enhancements off the nail plate, run. This is not acceptable. Don't laugh, it does happen.

Nail shapes

Stiletto nails

Why not try the Stiletto with a french twist. French doesn't always have to be pink and white. I'm loving this pink and red.

Or maybe try an almond with a fancy paint job to give another dimension to your nail shape.

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