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10 Fundamental Makeup Blunders

Makeup Blunders

1. Trying to apply makeup with the barbie-doll sized brushes supplied in some makeup compacts. For instance, using the blush or eye shadow brushes included in the compacts. They couldn't possibly have been included to apply your makeup in any fashion that would look professional. These brushes are way too small and the poorest of quality to give an even blended application. Avoid and invest in good brushes.

2. Using dirty makeup brushes that are full of old product and bacteria. Stiff clogged brushes cannot pick up the pigments evenly and will definitely not give a blended soft look to the makeup. Wash your brushes on a regular basis. Never soak them in water as you will be looking at buying a new set of brushes in a hurry. Water up in the ferrule will destroy the glues and swell the timber handle.

3. Not using a lip brush to apply your lipstick. This may not be quite as quick as throwing your lipstick on from the tube but the application is so much better and much more precise and longer lasting. The ability to create a crisp line at the lip line is only truly achievable by using a brush.

4. Putting your foundation on with your fingers does not give a true even finish. Using a brush or sponge will give a more professional finish and make blending a breeze.

5. Smiling to put on your blush. No, No, No! This is only going to make lines look worse. The powder will dust over the lines and sit in the creases. When you stop smiling, those smile lines will look deeper than before.

6. Simply applying blush to the apples of your cheeks. This is clown-like and not anti-ageing. Apply to the cheek bones in an upward movement. This creates an uplift to the face and is anti-ageing. You can certainly apply a small amount to the apples for a flush but don't make this the focus and blend upwards for the full benefits of your blush.

7. Neglecting your brows. Big mistake! Eyebrows are vitally important. They frame your eyes, give colour and interest to your face. Never under-estimate the power of the brows.

8. Using lip liner that doesn't match your lipstick. This is unsightly and way too 80's. Lip liner should not be detectable. It is purely there to give a crisp line. Contrary to popular belief lip liner does not stop lipstick from feathering as is sprouted all over advertising and makeup blogs. If a lipstick is too creamy or glossy it will bleed and feather into lines regardless of whether you wear a lip liner or not.

9. Wearing heavily metallic or frosty eye shadow. This will only make crepey eyelids look even more crepey. Use a mixture of semi-matte/matte/satin and lightly pearled eye shadow instead of heavily pigmented frosty/metallic eye shadow. Fully matte light coloured shadows can also make the area look worse depending on the severity of crepiness.

10. Not curling your lashes. Even short stumpy lashes look more attractive curled. Like the eyebrows the eyelashes frame the eyes and when they stick straight out, they don't look anywhere near as pretty as curled lashes do. Curled lashes open up the eye.

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