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Decolletage of woman

Am I looking after my what? Your neck, shoulders and chest! These areas are one of the first to show signs of ageing along with eyes and hands. Years of sun exposure and lack of love and attention can leave your décolletage looking older than your years. It is also an area that if looked after can help maintain a youthful appearance. Most of us would be regularly providing a cleansing and moisturising routine to our faces but ignoring our décolletage.

Don’t forget to take your cleaner down to the top of your bust. It’s important that you treat this area as you would your face. Just think of it as an extension to your regular skin care regime. This is a great time to be using the pre-cleanse oil from Eve Taylor. Using pre-cleanse to remove makeup, take the product down your neck and massage across the top of your bust. Remove with a deliciously warm damp face washer or warm damp hand towel. It is not necessary to double cleanse this area. Double cleanse your face and neck using a cream cleanser designed for your skin type. You may also like to add a fragranced body lotion to the area. One that matches your perfume is a nice touch. Use a facial moisturiser on your neck and keep the body lotion for the ‘body’. At least once a week, give the area an exfoliation and if you are applying a masque to your face, apply the masque to this area also.

Don’t forget to apply sun protection to your décolletage before leaving the house. Your neck and chest are at risk of sun damage, simply driving the car. Also be aware that those hyper-pigmentation marks on your neck and chest could well be from your perfume. The alcohol in the perfume when worn in the sunlight can cause the skin to become photosensitive. In other words the skin is more likely to burn and develop hyper-pigmentation in areas where you have been applying perfume. Apply perfume to areas that are not going to be in direct sunlight. Consider spraying into the air and walking under the mist instead of applying to the skin.

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