Educational Videos

A major part of Cougar Cosmetics is to provide education and support to women who feel they need help with their makeup application. You can subscribe to our youtube channel below and receive notifications of our latest videos as they appear on our channel.

Makeup Basics for a Round Face

Suggestions for Protruding/Graves Eye Shape

A simple way to flatter a round face.  This technique can be used with foundation, concealer, bronzer or translucent coloured powders as shown by Deborah in the video.

Here are some suggestions for mature women with a protruding eye shape from the condition known as Graves.  There are a few things you can try by using dark colours on your lid and elongating the eye shape to take away from the roundness.  You may have to exaggerate the techniques to suit the individual.

The Effects of Ageing and how to minimise the effects with makeup using Cougar Cosmetics

An informative tutorial on ageing and the effects on our facial features and how to minimise the effects using makeup produced by Cougar Cosmetics.  Deborah introduces the products and explains why she created each of the products and their use and effectiveness.

Redefine Your Brows for Mature Women - Take 2

How to Wear Minimal Makeup

The brows are so important.  They give expression to the face and frame the eyes.  This tutorial shows how to redefine the brows and give an instant eye lift without surgery for the mature woman. This video is a second take on the original "Redefine Your Brows" video with a better quality recording.

Feeling like you don't want to put on a full face of makeup? You can keep it to a minimum but still look like you have made an effort.  This tutorial shows how quick and easy it is to achieve this effect. Perfect for those Ladies who don't want a lot of fuss and bother with their makeup.

Tips for Downturned Lips and Marionette Lines!

Tutorial on how to minimise the marionette lines around your nose and mouth and how to apply lipstick to help reverse the look of a downturned lip.

Can small lips wear dark or brighter colours?  I believe the bright colours can actually enhance a small lip.  Perhaps avoiding the really dark deep shades of deep purple, chocolate brown and deep burgundy may be a wise choice but certainly bright alluring colours are doable.

How to Use  Complete Palette of Eyeshadow Colours!

Tutorial on how to use a palette of eyeshadow.  How to assess where the intensity of colour from an eyeshadow palette determines where it is placed.  For mature women.

Learning How to Apply False Lashes!

Easy tutorial on learning how to apply false lashes for mature women.

Lipstick Tips for Small Lips to Wear Bright Colours!

It's All About The Red Lip!

Winter Smokey Eye Tutorial

A beautiful winter smokey eye using plum and browns.  Topped off with a strong lip to brighten any cold day.

Absolutely simple and easy to achieve "look".  It's all about the red lip.  Featuring "Cougar Red".

In a Rush To Get "Out The Door" - Quick 5 minute makeup tutorial 

Don't leave the house without your makeup. Get out the door in a hurry but still look groomed!

Glamorous Evening Makeup Tutorial With Purple Eyeshadow! 

Glamour up your evening look with purple eyeshadow, liner and false lashes! Showing mature women that colour is not their enemy and in-fact anti-aging!​

Ombre Lipstick Tutorial

For Mature Women 

How to bring more interest and dimension to your lips by creating a subtle ombre lipstick effect.

Eyeshadow Tutorial for Deep Set Eyes For Mature Women 

A step-by-step eyeshadow tutorial to enhance deep set eyes for mature women. ​

Step By Step Smokey Eye Tutorial For Mature Women 

Easy to follow step by step tutorial for smokey eyes for mature women.

Quick Easy Tutorial For Redefined Brows For Mature Women 

How to redefine your brow and gently add shape when required for more advanced eye makeup.

Concealing, Correcting, Contouring and Highlighting For The Mature Woman

Tutorial on Concealing, Correcting, Contouring and Highlighting For The Mature Woman. Perfect for those special occasions when you want to look absolutely knock out gorgeous! Hope you enjoy!

Skincare & the Importance of Exfoliation

Are you getting the most out of your foundation? Are you exfoliating? Reasons behind why you should be!

Easy Eyeshadow Tutorial

Using cake eyeliner in a versatile fashion as a liner and eye shadow to achieve a quick and easy eye shadow and liner look.

Helpful Lipstick Tips

How to apply lipstick using both the tube and a lip brush.

Eyeshadow Tutorial

Tutorial for mature women showing the do's and don'ts of eyeshadow application.

Glamorous Evening Makeup Tutorial with Blue Eyeshadow 

Pretty up your evening look with blue eyeshadow, liner and false lashes! Showing mature women that colour is not their enemy and in-fact anti-aging! Bring blue into the here and now!​

Evening Eye Makeup Inspired by Priscilla Presley 

A mature woman's wearable Priscilla Presley inspired eye makeup. A glamorous evening look with heavy eyeliner and false lashes.​

Makeup Textures & Finishes

on Mature Skin 

Informative video on the use of correct and incorrect textures and finishes of makeup on mature skin.​

Tutorial for a Marilyn Monroe inspired look for mature women 

Using Marilyn Monroe techniques to create her inspired look with step-by-step instructions to balance a red lip and neutral eye.

How To Tutorial For Fake Lashes For Mature Women 

Step by step tutorial on how to apply fake lashes, suitable for mature women.

Eye Shadow Tutorial For Small Eyes For Mature Women

A step-by-step tutorial detailing how to give the illusion of larger eyes explaining the hows, whys and wherefores.

Tutorial for cake eyeliner and heated lash curler for mature women.

Need help with your lashes! Full tutorial on the use of cake eyeliner, mascara and heated lash curler for mature women.

Tutorial For A Natural Fresh Face Look

Easy to follow instructions on how to achieve a natural fresh face look using minimal product for mature women.

Makeup Brush Guide

Helpful information for women who are unsure of what their makeup brushes do.

Eyebrow Tutorial

Eyebrow tutorial showing how to define eyebrows for mature women.

From Day To Evening

How to take your day makeup and turn it into an evening makeup!

How To: Day Makeup

How to define your eyes with emphasis on the lash line and lashes using cake eyeliner and heated eyelash curler for a day makeup.